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Sorry for the delay

Okay, sorry if I got anyone's hopes up as I think this is kind of lame myself...

I was reading an article about Israel's  Facing Tomorrow conference basically, they're getting a bunch of famous and a bunch of smart people together to talk about their role in the future and the future's role in their country. Later, that day I logged back in to live journal for the first time in a few years and hear I am. 

I remember there being a bunch of smart people here all clamoring to be heard here. My suggestion is to give the group a topic; weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and let's see if we can answer or start to answer some of the questions facing us as a world or nation (if I remember correctly most of us are from the US) , in the future, right now even.

Suggestions for some possible topics are:

Gas prices  (How to cope with it, How to fix it, How to prepare for 9$ a gallon)

*Intelligent design (Is it ethical, unethical? Is it the next in our evolution, is it playing god?)

*Cameras (Is having them everywhere a good idea, or an invasion of privacy?)

What does the weak dollar mean? Does China really have all that money tied up in US bonds? How will that effect us?

Why does the FED keep cutting interest rates? What is the problem? How can people fix it?

*I guess these are more opinionated questions but I still think they're worth wile in the direction I want to go.

I guess I'm concerned about the economy but I have no idea what's going on with it! I'm getting the feeling no one really knows where we're going in the future and that scares me a little. I think it'd be nice if we could put something together explaining what these things are and at the same time offering some detailed opinions on what we can do to fix them. 

I know everyone wants to know who they should vote for based on their policies, but all I see are politicians. I want reasonable actions I can demand of my representation not pointed fingers and pretty words.

If something like this already exists, point me to it and I'll sign up. Otherwise, let me know what you guys think.

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