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The Shores of Avalon

True Beauty is in the Mind

Shores of Avalon
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1. You must be at least 16 years old, or be able to speak as if you are.
2. You must submit your application within 48 hours of joining.
3. Please lj-cut your entire entry.
(Click here to see the LiveJournal FAQ entry on lj-cuts.)
4. Please bold all questions, and leave all answers plain text.
5. Do not edit your application after posting it without permission from a moderator.
6. After being stamped you can vote on new applications. Please give a reason to support your yes or no. Please bold your vote to make it easier to count.
7. Please remain active in the community. Long periods of inactivity can result in removal, which would necessitate re-application. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, please let one of the moderators know.
8. If you are rejected, you may apply again in one week with a new application. Please do not be rude with accepted members upon rejection.
9. There is to be no discrimination of any kind in this community. We are rating on intelligence, not on how much we have in common.
10. You may not comment or vote on other people's applications until you are accepted.
11. There is no advertising allowed in this community unless you have permission from the maintainer or moderators.

Failure to comply with the rules can result in deletion or a ban.

Your Application

I. Basics


II. Core Requirements

Find a reproduction of a work of art. Paste it here. Critique it.
Tell us about a book you've read recently. Explain to us in detail why you were or were not interested in it.
What are you planning on doing with your life? Why are you planning on doing it?

III. Electives (Choose 2, 3, or 4 of the following 8)

Is there such a thing as genuine altruism? Why or why not?
Two contestants make it to Final Jeopardy. One has $8000; the other has $6500. What should each one wager and why?
Do you like people? Why or why not?
What functions do religion and/or politics serve?
Without regard to the debate over pulling U.S. troops in or out of Iraq, how else can situations within Iraq be solved?
If one vote never makes a difference in a national election, what's the point in your voting?
Does human intelligence serve a purpose other than the survival of our species? If so, what's that other purpose? Explain.
Expound upon the ways in which group influence is a good thing and a bad thing. Provide examples.

You may not vote or comment in any post except your own until you are approved and stamped by a moderator. And remember, please do not post pictures of yourself with your application. If you do, your application will be deleted.

We look forward to hearing from you!

: If you have been approved, a Moderator will stamp your post with the following:

: If you have been rejected, a Moderator will stamp your post with the following:

: When voting, please give reasons for your answer. If you don't, you will be warned once. If it continues, you will be removed from the community.
: Votes are not to be based on whether or not you agree with the applicant's opinions. They are to be based on how well the applicant supported their
: Debating is encouraged, however insults are not. Please keep any debates in the post they originated in.
: You have no obligation to vote on new applicants if you do not wish to do so. However, you must stay active in some regard to continue as a member here. If you are going to be away for any length of time, please let a moderator know beforehand. Otherwise, we may remove you from the community.
: Please try to keep an open mind, as not everyone thinks as you do. And have fun!

: Please leave the community quietly.
: You are more than welcome to try again one week after you have been stamped as rejected, with a new application. If we still do not feel you belong in this community, then we're sorry. No more chances.
: Please do not be rude or insulting to accepted members. We see this as immature and inappropriate, and you will be banned.


alternative_mom application
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bord_du_rasoir application (Maintainer)
popjunky application
vanillafox no application (OWNER)


: Active
alicedebeton - application
anelusivetruth - application
athena_jess application
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nevergobck (formerly jadedanimation) application
no_constants application
openupyourskull application
s987liz application
sarcasmoqueen - application
shh_undercover application
soulchic application
theclassickone - application
thered_queeniam - application
treehuggingpoet - application
wasted_beauty application


bite_me13 - application
cellphish application
child2day application
cressidas_love - application
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zatard application

Any questions? You may contact a maintainer, bellepoisson or bord_du_rasoir.
MSN and E-mail at sarahthegrey@hotmail.com
E-mail at mgpitre at gmail dot com