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You can only pass a few concepts down to your only child before your influence is forever removed - what is your legacy?

First and foremost, above all other beliefs and concepts, I would pass on a moral/political/social priority of liberty (defined very specifically), as well as an emphasis on understanding logic - specifically Hume's fork and is-ought fallacy. I'd love to be able to hand down some books, but let's hypothesize that we're restricted to communicating specific beliefs/concepts. I would like to communicate to my child all my understanding of drugs (moksha), zen, polyamorism, functionalism (as a philosophy of mind), "meta" and gestalts, the law of unintended consequences, game theory, and skepticism (as an extension of logic).

What do you believe are the most important beliefs/concepts to pass down to the next generation? Does anyone believe that the next generation would not benefit from any of the beliefs/concepts that I listed?
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