mucilofamucil (mucilofamucil) wrote in shoresofavalon,

Obesity and Alcoholism are not DISEASES!

I suffer from a disease - ugly finger nubs disease. See, I can't stop myself from biting my nails and the result is this terrible disease. Some say that I could simply stop biting my nails, but they don't understand the genetic basis of this disease; my mother had ugly finger nails, my father had ugly finger nails, and all four of my grandparents have ugly finger nails. Other people think it is so easy to SHH others for quiet without taking a bite, but my disease prevents me from embracing such moderation. Very few people understand how hard it is to cope with my condition: all the stares of disgust in public, the reluctance of others to shake hands, the persistant pain of nails that tear into the finger too far. My physical abilities are impeded as I'm not able to open soda cans like others, pick my teeth without a tool, or really satisfy an ich. The public should recognize this disease and have sympathy for those in my condition - no one deserves to be discriminated against for things out of their control. Thank you for understanding.
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